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Why Businesses Use Web Analytics

All website user behavior can be tracked and measured in a way that allows us to make the best website design decision with the user in mind, rather than giving final decision power to the graphic designer.  “Website analytics refers to the data generated by website visitors. Therefore any website that has installed an analytics package, can examine several aspects of visitors’ browsing and purchasing behavior on the website” .    By adding an html code (tag) to your webpages you pass information to the analytics, program every time the server receives a request for that page.  The analytics programs stores this information and provides marketers will the data and information into expanding their businesses web designs and marketing tactics.

A website’s analytics package is capable of recording various metrics that can in turn be used for the company’s benefit. Basic metrics include things like “hits” on a page, visits on a page, visitors (more than one time visit), and time on a page.

There are also calculated metrics such as average page depth, average visit duration, entrance rate, and site bounce rate.  There are also manual metrics such as conversion rate and revenue which must be calculated.

Google Analytics, it allows you to focus on your audience and better understand their interests, language, location and what type of device they were using to access your website.  Identifying you businesses target audience you can justify trends in geographical areas, a company could create marketing campaigns that would immediately have an impact because they already have the data to suggest.  Helping business owners and managers implement better logistics and costs decisions in the area that is interested in my product.

A useful method in applying consumer generated data analyzed by Google Analytics is data activation. This tool allows marketers to improve upon existing marketing campaigns while experimenting with new content and media vehicles, and it also provides the opportunity for re-marketing, based off how or why the visitor used the website or app.  Effect web marketing tactics should lead your target customers to your online business domain. By expanding to more core customer demographics, it could lead to better sales forecasts because you’re increasing your websites conversion rates over time with an increase in loyal customers.


How To Optimize

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Search engines impact the way consumers find and acquire certain goods or services on the Internet and marketers are tapping into it’s hidden potential.  The trend towards search engine usage and dependence has continued to grow. United States Internet users performed 75 searches per month, with an expected growth rate of 2%. All of these searcher cover a wide range of subject matter, allowing all types of marketers to enter the search engine world.  The focus for this blog is to persuade readers that creating a website that utilizes the SEO search engine that will benefit you and the company when connecting to consumers on the Internet.

With Search engine optimization bring in more the majority of website visitors (61% according to Forrester) and is considered a common resource to navigate websites because of its trusted reputation as often-used social media. SEO’s require no out-of-pocket cost to pay for as placement, but there is a cost to design a site to optimize it for a natural search but well worth it in the end.  While websites take longer to set up and implement, if monitored properly can have a positive long term effect.  To do this he company need to understand their target market, developing keywords to reach that market , and defining and developing their site around those keywords.  Its always a good idea to do market research and ask customers how they search for our product.

Monitoring social media conversations is another way to determine how to pick appropriate keywords to monitor both paid and SEO.  As a marketer you want to be where your consumers are and to participate in the conversation to engage and keep customers and by doing this you can expand their search profiles on social media accounts.  In 2010 a recent study by business.com indicated that top performing companies were using social media to enhance their natural search engine efforts with websites facebook, twitter, and intagram.  On a final note, by incorporating a “like” button attached to your website allows  you link to develop a following to ensure a top rank hit on search engines.