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Why Businesses Use Web Analytics

All website user behavior can be tracked and measured in a way that allows us to make the best website design decision with the user in mind, rather than giving final decision power to the graphic designer.  “Website analytics refers to the data generated by website visitors. Therefore any website that has installed an analytics package, can examine several aspects of visitors’ browsing and purchasing behavior on the website” .    By adding an html code (tag) to your webpages you pass information to the analytics, program every time the server receives a request for that page.  The analytics programs stores this information and provides marketers will the data and information into expanding their businesses web designs and marketing tactics.

A website’s analytics package is capable of recording various metrics that can in turn be used for the company’s benefit. Basic metrics include things like “hits” on a page, visits on a page, visitors (more than one time visit), and time on a page.

There are also calculated metrics such as average page depth, average visit duration, entrance rate, and site bounce rate.  There are also manual metrics such as conversion rate and revenue which must be calculated.

Google Analytics, it allows you to focus on your audience and better understand their interests, language, location and what type of device they were using to access your website.  Identifying you businesses target audience you can justify trends in geographical areas, a company could create marketing campaigns that would immediately have an impact because they already have the data to suggest.  Helping business owners and managers implement better logistics and costs decisions in the area that is interested in my product.

A useful method in applying consumer generated data analyzed by Google Analytics is data activation. This tool allows marketers to improve upon existing marketing campaigns while experimenting with new content and media vehicles, and it also provides the opportunity for re-marketing, based off how or why the visitor used the website or app.  Effect web marketing tactics should lead your target customers to your online business domain. By expanding to more core customer demographics, it could lead to better sales forecasts because you’re increasing your websites conversion rates over time with an increase in loyal customers.


Online marketing and Google

Google’s search algorithm combines two- key components to rank web pages: (1) the webpage’s popularity, as measured by its PageRank (quantity and quality of links from other webpages) and (2) the relevance of the page to the search phrase.  The main focus of the SEO tool is sending a searcher to the appropriate page, not just the homepage of a website that has a matching page somewhere in it.  I strongly believe in the biology expression that “form follows function”, therefore if an organization wants to generate organic content that draws people to its page it must meet the consumer criteria on the basic level.  Targeting the consumer’s first desired need or want will establish the reason for generating the webpage traffic and creating the form but that only completes a part of the process that consumers wants adding creative and fresh content draws attention and marketing buzz.  For example: I found the sweater I was looking for on amazon but I couldn’t find a purchase button (purchase button was an innovation to complete the process).  The webpage did satisfied the initial goal to finding the sweater I wanted, but never offered other services on the webpage, purchasing, similar merchandises therefor the webpage was not organic and was in poor form.  “Sites using organic SEO in the truest sense will be much like organisms, meaning they will grow, expand and adapt over time in response to readers’/consumers desires” (techopedia).

Therefore knowing that creative and fresh word content is imperative to generating good search rankings. Would be an organizational platform when showing consumers new products in the market.  One example from me, based on the Macys.  The company wants to advertise and generate market buzz for clothes and home décor interested consumers?  What they showed was more than just one product alone but also pair it with a complimentary items that the customer would use.  Offering the customer another solution to a possible problem who want to know about Macy’s selection.  This in my opinion satisfied multiple needs of possible consumers.  So when generating creative and fresh content on web pages have multiple forms of media like video, print, audio and visual displays that inform the consumer about the subject.  Also add outbound links that are relevant to that webpage main content.  So if I was looking for Clothes outfits or sets of home supplies instead of just one.  I would as a consumer like to see a link to that within 1-3 clicks.

SEO article writing services know that if you build it, they will come…but only if you build it the right way.  This blog is about providing helpful tip for an SEO article writer.

Remember that an important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand.

An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. SEO plays a large part in finding information that is relevant to users.

White hat SEO techniques are condoned by search engines. (Larson & Draper, 2015).  White hat practices are approved by search engines and include things such as keyword optimized content, good site architecture and internal linking.  Other white hat techniques are guest blogging, link baiting, quality content, internal linking, and site optimization (Darell).

Using black hat SEO technique is when something is created intentionally to increase a website’s ranking (Larson & Draper, 2015). Black hat SEO is when a company uses frowned upon techniques deemed by google algorithms like hidden links, texts, and keyword stuffing.  Having too many hidden anchor text’s, doorway and cloaked pages, link farming, hidden texts and links, blog comment spams that are unrelated to the website purpose or function is a form of a Black Hat techniques being use to generate view traffic.   Black-hat techniques are also tactics that will lead to punishment such as a temporary shutdown of a webpage.  There are some very obvious risks when a company uses a black or grey hat SEO.  Staying in compliance with the terms and conditions set by the online browser/engine you are using will be in the company’s best interest when competing online for relevance to a consumer’s problem.

The term “grey hat” refers to a computer security expert optimizer who may sometimes violate Google’s policy or typical ethical standards, but does not have the malicious intent typical of a black hat hacker. Grey Hat involves techniques like, “cloaking, purchasing old domains, duplicate content, link buying, and social media automation and purchasing followers.” (Butters, 2014).

A SEM should stay within the boundaries of rule and regulations enforced by governments.  They should also have ethical conduct when using SEO tactics to having their webpage be relevant for searching users on the Internet.  My personal view towards the Internet is that it’s a great tool in the 21st century that people use and that the system needs to have continuous monitoring by developers and engineers.  We want to have an understanding of what people are interested in or what they are looking for when accessing the internet.  And standard practices are not always effective and may not always be relevant, adopting or trying SEO tactics outside the white and into the grey is possible but only if it helps users to find what they are looking for or that a problem exists in the system be to revealed



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Expert sessions

Benjamin Beck is an online marketing consultant at his company Local Stampede who specializes in helping start-ups, charities, and small businesses grow their business through digital marketing.  The expert session with Benjamin Beck discussion had four key parts in his power point presentation (1) SEO vs. PPC, (2) Picking the right keywords, (3) Onsite optimizing, (4) Offsite link Building.


In the expert session Beck reviewed the differences between pay per click ads (PPC) and free results (SEO).  Mr. Beck showed visual images of where SEO link and PPC link appear on search engine page results.  This lead into the explaining of SEO vs PPC advantages and disadvantages.  PPC advantages is the ability for marketers to become the most relevant search term for you webpage.  You can do this by paying per click and become an effective short term boost in web traffic to the web page. A clear disadvantage discussed in the lecture was how this marketing method can be constrained by budget factors for businesses.  Therefore when you budget runs out so does your online marketing in PPC.  An advantage for SEO is how it can be more efficient in the cost per click overtime after the webpage is established with an authoritative page ranking.  Some disadvantages are the high upfront costs in building website content and the amount of time required to create quality and relevance to consumers. However, for the long term benefits it gains consistent attention of consumers online.

Picking the Right Keywords

Funneling your keywords from broad and general into specific and detailed is the focus when generating your keyword database for the webpage.  Mr. Beck mentioned how there are over 200 ranking factors for a keyword term with google.  In one example Ben mentioned how a plural to singular word term impacted a search result by 600 clicks.  He recommended that when choosing a key word SEO developers should research their industry competition and target keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Onsite Optimization

The question was, If I was Google, what help would I need to understand the content?  Examples are Filling the content with keywords, about 1-3 keywords, including keywords in the Title, Headings and URL.  Also suggesting that developers are using plurals, singular and synonyms related to your keywords.

Offsite link Building

Knowing that you content can be copied you should begin to build links that are relevant and is considered a quality link like .gov and .edu domain URL’s on your web page.  When acquiring links you build page authority that help your content become noticed by googles SEO Mr. Beck compared it to a vote.   After all this reach out to people and be expose to the news, influences, and organizations.



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Optimizing Essentials



As I learned this week in my digital marketing class SEO’s will help you, companies, and organizations position their website on the Internet to gain attention and ultimately clicks. A foundation for SEO strategy is to create a seamless user experience and to do this your SEO will need to communicate with the search engine, by displaying your intentions so search engines can recommend your website for a users relevant keyword search/queries.  A search engines optimizer is looking for content that is determined or judged by a theme that is being relevant to the users keyword.  Search engines typically assume that the more popular a site, page, or document, the value the information it contains must be high. This assumption has been proven to be successful in terms of user satisfaction with search results.

Referencing the text on the page, titles and descriptions that are given, and anchor texts.  SEO looks for performance of the website that has steady uploads and downloads while working properly with links from one page to the next. Having a high webpage authority indicates that your site has good enough content to link to, and having other authoritative sites using your website as a reference or site the information available contributes to a higher Page Rank. A friendly user experience allowing the site to look appealing, easy to navigate from the home page, appears and actually is safe for users, and has a low bounce rate.

When creating an SEO you shouldn’t forget to optimize for multi-channels because implementing a keyword strategy is not only important to implement on-site, but it should extend to other off-site platforms, which is why you should also be thinking about multi-channel optimizing.  These multi-channel platforms include networking media sites like  facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Email, and also including offline media channels like Television and radio.  Being consistent with keyword phrases within these platforms will not only help your marketing buzz and branding efforts, but also train users and consumers to use specific phrases you’re optimizing for.  It is important that your target phrases are embedded regularly throughout the page in question.  Remember to include the phrases in the headline, high in the body copy and again at the bottom, as engines like Google like the standard thesis approach to page layout.

I discovered on the beginners guide to SEO that “Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field.  Having the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market’s keyword demand, you can learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO.  You should always keep SEO in the forefront of your mind, and always follow the best practices.  A helpful link I found on the Internet when researching the basic fundamental topics to SEO was 8 essentials when optimizing your site because skipping the basics of SEO will only leave your site’s foundation a mess and prevent you from reaching your full potential of revenue opportunities.



How To Optimize

SEO Image

Search engines impact the way consumers find and acquire certain goods or services on the Internet and marketers are tapping into it’s hidden potential.  The trend towards search engine usage and dependence has continued to grow. United States Internet users performed 75 searches per month, with an expected growth rate of 2%. All of these searcher cover a wide range of subject matter, allowing all types of marketers to enter the search engine world.  The focus for this blog is to persuade readers that creating a website that utilizes the SEO search engine that will benefit you and the company when connecting to consumers on the Internet.

With Search engine optimization bring in more the majority of website visitors (61% according to Forrester) and is considered a common resource to navigate websites because of its trusted reputation as often-used social media. SEO’s require no out-of-pocket cost to pay for as placement, but there is a cost to design a site to optimize it for a natural search but well worth it in the end.  While websites take longer to set up and implement, if monitored properly can have a positive long term effect.  To do this he company need to understand their target market, developing keywords to reach that market , and defining and developing their site around those keywords.  Its always a good idea to do market research and ask customers how they search for our product.

Monitoring social media conversations is another way to determine how to pick appropriate keywords to monitor both paid and SEO.  As a marketer you want to be where your consumers are and to participate in the conversation to engage and keep customers and by doing this you can expand their search profiles on social media accounts.  In 2010 a recent study by business.com indicated that top performing companies were using social media to enhance their natural search engine efforts with websites facebook, twitter, and intagram.  On a final note, by incorporating a “like” button attached to your website allows  you link to develop a following to ensure a top rank hit on search engines.