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What makes a great blog?

What makes for a great blog?

There are a few things that separate a great blog from a good blog, and also a good blog from one that’s downright rubbish.

It takes a good combination of content and design to make a good blog. Add to that a dash of personality and a good sprinkling of passion, and you might just have what it takes to have a great blog!

Reading Enjoyment

Content is king. One primary motivation for reading a blog is great content. A good blog should have interesting information that comes in a well-written package. Whether you’re talking about your personal understanding of consumer behavior or additional CB information, your blog should be gripping enough to keep your readers (and by readers we mean other class members) coming back.

Another important aspect of blogs is feedback. Eliciting a lively conversation is as important as writing the original blog posting itself. Blogs have commenting features for a reason, and that’s to give readers a venue to voice out their own thoughts in response to what you write.

Also important are the voice and tone of your blog. Writings on a blog should not sound stiff and cold, because it should primarily be written with a personal touch, or it wouldn’t be a blog at all!


The goal is for your blog to add value to the class.  Many blogs posted on the Internet (and there are tens of millions of them!) just echo each other.  We don’t want that to happen in this class. Many bloggers are fond of quoting (and mis-quoting) other news sources and even other blogs. What makes one a good blogger is the ability to present or link to useful information on one’s blog. What makes someone a great blogger is the ability to post information that is both useful and original.

Usefulness of information is based on how a blogger can point out great stuff elsewhere (i.e. through links) and how a blogger can synthesize these bits of information gathered from other sources (such as the textbook and the Internet). Originality is definitely a plus.

Your blog will be evaluated according to the quality of the content, the writing and whether your blog was interesting enough to merit a good discussion by readers.