Article Review – Advertising Age

Date of Publication – January 25 , 2016


Title – “New Coors Light Campaign Has Women Drinkers in Mind”


Author – E.J. Schultz


Overview: Coors Light is the largest beer in the MillerCoors portfolio and the second largest beer in the U.S, behind Bud Light but like most big beer brands, the Silver Bullet marketing image has struggled to post positive sales growth in recent years. Coors Light is a cold lagered, cold filtered, and cold packaged to deliver Rocky Mountain cold refreshment and that story will continue to be their core message of the brand’s success.  This Coors Light campaign is trying to expand and sharpen its pitch to female beer drinkers in a new campaign launching this weekend called “Climb On.”

Statistics from the publication cited that “Women drink more than 17 billion beers a year, about a quarter of the industry’s total volume, and Coors Light will work hard to attract women as loyal drinkers.”   The campaign is the first work created for the brand by 72andSunny, which took on lead creative and digital agency duties for Coors brands in late September of 2015.  The first ad under the new campaign is called “Whatever Your Mountain.”  Their upcoming ad depicts scenes showing women running in an outdoor obstacle course, while another shows a female in what appears to be a difficult yoga pose. Males appear in plenty of scenes in the ad, too, including a boxing match and rodeo. The spot also weaves in several product shots, like close ups of ingredients and beer flowing.

This is a critical year for Coors Light, their beers has lost ground amid the craft beer boom of the last few years.  The comeback strategy for the MillerCoors brand appears to involve marketing that targets a broader audience than millennial males, which had been the core target in recent years.  In the memo, Mr. Kroll stressed that the “new positioning transcends age, ethnicity and gender. It will resonate with millennials, as well as the 35- to 44-year-old drinkers who remain an important part of Coors Light’s consumer base.”


Thoughts:  This article gives readers a snap shot of the Coors lights new media marketing strategy for the MillerCoors Corporation.  In order to reposition their brand perception of consumers and continue commitment to building brand equity MillerCoors Corporation was a statically a smart advertising move. With younger to middle aged women as their target market and retaining the male gender their opportunity source lies in women who “Are earning, spending, and influencing spending at a greater rate than ever before. In fact, women account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the United States, and over the next decade, they will control two thirds of consumer wealth.” (Link).  I think this Whatever Your Mountain advertising T.V. spot can be effective in bringing more impressions to the female gender segment.  This will be an expensive media planning effort to negotiate and coordinate multiple media platforms but if it’s spaced out properly thought continuity scheduling the ad campaign will pay for itself.  If the media planning strategy message conveys to woman and men that they themselves can be adventurous, independent and a resilient spirit, who has commitment to doing things the right way; and a desire to enjoy the journey and celebrate their achievements with friend and family for men and women who by alcohol on multiple media platforms then I believe sales will have an increase.


This week before reading and viewing the lecture I reviewed and read the discussion board material to see my class member’s views and perceptions about the material taught to us by Professor Daniels.  Traci Poortenga post was a great by exposing me to visuals from the chapter’s lecture I could file and categorize the chapters terms easier.  Hannah Maroe post helped clarify the relationship and my understanding about media objectives and how they serve as a starting point and therefore should logically be developed first so that the rest of the strategy can be planned with them in mind.  After actually reading the lecture document I discovered an important key understanding with media objectives and how they find solutions to dealing with identifying which targets are most important, how many of these targets need to be reached and how often for maximum effectiveness within a given budget, where the advertising should be ran, and when it should be run.  Then after reading the lecture I found Professors post in response to Eric Bradfords discussion restating the order of development to marketing and media planning The first step is marketing objectives, not media objectives. Media objective are down the list below advertising objectives but at the start of the media plan. Second, yes, the media plan answers or meets the media objectives.


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