Social Media Marketing Strategy

Effective social media marketing comes from a carefully planned strategy and then it’s integrated into your company’s overall marketing communications strategy and activities. With that in mind you can lead into a deeper relationship with consumers by listening to your target audience .  As a marketer we need to identify social habits of  the target market and know that consumers can be a member of various categories over their lifetime.  Picture on the left can help us organize consumers into categories that marketers will target when using social media is called the social techonograhics ladder. When viewing the image I can get a better idea about what content I want to give my audience when I have a specific target in mind

The social techonograhics ladder

Communicating with you audience also includes engaging with the audience.  All companies need to think of themselves as creators and communicators of content, and when your content is passed along with positive reviews by consumers it creates a brand image that goes beyond dollar value.  By incorporating multiple channels like Pepsi did in 2011, the time during the super bowl where they urged consumers to create Internet advertisements to be aired during half time for Doritos nacho chips, it really helped customers be active and brought awareness to the product.  This can flow into collaborating with a brand.  Corporate blogs, product reviews, and twitter are several channels that let consumers share insight and opinions about what they expect from the company and its products.  Researchers predict that 43 percent of all corporations will be blogging by 2012 because of it positive effects it can have on consumer engagement.  The reason why I mention this is because blogs could establish expertise and credibility over time for the company and lead into dialog between business to consumers through social media, this will also enhance the company’s visibility.


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